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I was working in the village of Brechely for two weeks, and although the weather was miserable for most of the time I was there, I did manage to get out and about on the good days. The name is historically derived from the name Branca’s Leigh, and the parish is located in Kent county. Parish records go as far back as 1560.

The Brenchley parish church is dedicated to All Saints. There is a lovely avenue of yew

trees leading up to the front door.


The village earns some historical

fame by being one of the villages

that was closely involved in

medieval iron making. The site of

the original furnace now lies within

the parish of Horsmonden. 

In order to keep the area as quaint and authentic as possible, the counties hand out awards for the best kept villages. Brenchely has won this award twice that I could see by plaques proudly displayed on a wall on the village main road.

A lot of the roads are narrow and tree lined, giving the road a ‘lane’ look. I can imagine in summer when the trees have their foliage, it must look stunning. There are a number of little pedestrian lanes, steps leading up from the road, which locals and their pets use to go on daily walks.

Exploring under the foliage of the hedges and trees, there is much to be found – if you look carefully enough! With the country having had an unseasonably warm winter, daffodils and crocuses think it’s already spring and are popping everywhere!

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