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There are loads of churches in Gloucester. I couldn’t get into a few of them, so photos from the outside had to suffice.


The first written mention of the church of St Mary de Crypt was in 1140 and it still has a number of surviving Norman features, as well as a 17th century renaissance style pulpit.


It has played an important part in Gloucester’s history. The Crypt School was founded adjacent to the church in 1539, and the school room still exists, although the school has now moved to larger premises. In 1643, during the Siege of Gloucester in the First English Civil War, the church was used as an ammunition factory and store. George Whitefield, one of the founders of Methodism, gave his first sermon at the church in 1736 and in 1811, Robert Raikes, the founder of Sunday Schools, was buried beneath the South Chapel. In 1836, Jemmy Wood, The Gloucester Miser, was buried there.

Nearby are the ruins, mainly just walls and some arches of Greyfriars and Blackfriars monasteries, both of which are currently undergoing renovations and repairs.

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