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My last day in Chelmsford, was spent chilling in the garden for a while, and then a visit to the local parish, St Michaels & All Angels Church in Galleywood. 

                      The total height of the Tower and Spire is almost 40m and situated as it                          is, at a height of 84.5m above sea level, it can be seen for many miles 

                      around. The church roof is thought by some to be the best feature of the 

                       building. It is made entirely of pitch pine and the main trusses are 

                       secured with wooden pegs. 


I climbed the stairs up to the belfry, and as its not accessed

very often, it was very dusty. The spider webs in the windows

looked like spun silk.

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The church was originally built in the middle of the local racecourse as a centre for prayer in an attempt to counter the evils of gambling. The foundation stone of the church was laid in 1872 and the building consecrated in 1873. It has a peal of eight bells which were cast in London. The tenor bell weighs 744 kg. 

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From the church, we went on to Hylands House, a beautiful 1730 neo-classical villa set in over 500 acres of landscaped parkland and gardens. During WWII, the estate was the site for a German Prisoner of War Camp, and the house was used by the SAS as their headquarters.

It fell into a state of disrepair after the death of the last private owner and was saved from dereliction by the local council in 1966. Much damaged due to fire and vandalism by the time of the sale, the house has now been completely restored. It is open to the public and used for a wide range of community events, including an annual music festival. 

Within the grounds are the ‘One World Gardens’, which were opened by Prince William and the Duke of York, as part of the 21st World Scout Jamboree.

Flint Cottage was formerly the gamekeeper’s cottage. It has been brought back to its original appearance and is now used as a store to support the Council’s events in the park.

It was wet and cold so we headed to the station, my train was on the way; as was my next assignment. 


A wonderful long weekend, spent in the company of fantastic friends, making good memories and exploring new sights! 

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