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There is more to Sudeley Castle than the superb interiors and the ruined walls. The castle is surrounded by magnificently landscaped gardens; wildflower and nature walks, and some rather intriguing small garden areas including a scented garden and medicinal herb garden, featuring plants that were used in the medieval and Tudor periods.

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There is an open field behind the castle where a few Alpaca’s are kept. The walls around the gardens look out onto the stunning vistas of the Cotswolds hills.


Due to the unseasonably warm winter, a lot of spring blooms had already started blossoming and although the gardens were beautiful in winter when I visited, I can only imagine the splendor and beauty that abounds in the summer when the rose garden is in full bloom; as well as the many varieties of flowers planted all around the castle gardens. The air must be filled with a heady perfume.

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The church viewed from the bridge

Hidden inside the old castle walls and behind yew hedges is a beautiful and intricately designed ‘knot garden’, designed according to the elaborate style of the Elizabethan gardens. Created in 1995 the garden incorporates a design taken from a dress pattern worn by Elizabeth 1.

The bird life is fairly prolific but I only managed to capture a little robin hiding in the hedge.


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