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Posted on July 5, 2017 by Sioux under General


Having just a short break between jobs, I stayed at my usual spot in Tonbridge for a few days and whilst chatting to fellow carers one morning, I was astounded to see a hawk land on the roof of the house next door. I flew upstairs to grab my camera and managed to get a few images before he flew off.


Not knowing what hawk was resident in the UK, I sent an image to my partner Paul, in South Africa, and he identified it as a Harris’s Hawk. Mainly at home in the south-western United States and southwards to Chile, central Argentina, and Brazil, these birds are sometimes reported in Western Europe, especially Britain, but as it is popular in falconry circles, these sightings almost certainly all refer to escapes from captivity. As the house next door rehabilitated injured wild birds, there was always bird seed on the floor and with that came small rodents….. perfect fodder for a Hawk. 


I sent the image to the local newspaper in the hope that the owner would see it, but as yet have no idea whether the bird has been caught and returned home yet or not.


IMG_5935 LR (1 of 1)
IMG_5937 LR (1 of 1)
IMG_5940 LR (1 of 1)-2
Tonbridge Times


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2 responses to “Surprise visitor”

  1. Chez says:

    I think any birds of prey are such magnificent creatures love your pics tx!

  2. Derrick Baney says:

    Good for you Girlfriend

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