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While driving along the Hadrians Wall route, we made a few stops, one of them being Haltwhistle, at one of the original quarries the Romans used to hew the rocks out of whilst building the wall, and also visited at the ruins of Roman forts and churches along the route.

Farmers use the area as grazing and the sheep seem unaware of the cold around their feet in their hunt for crisp green grass.


Despite the cold there were a few ‘wall-walkers’ out, well protected against the cold, walking the same route the Romans did so many years ago.The snow made the countryside look stunningly white and clean and I could have stayed out there for ages, but the cold and damp drove me back to the warmth of the waiting car.

Original Roman quarry 

B&B at Burnhead

Ruins of a Roman Fort

Alone with nature


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    gorgeous photos, loving the blog

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