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Looking for some fields that I had been told are great for bird photography, we came across the beautiful Sefton Parish church. We were lucky enough to arrive a one of the pastors was leaving and he allowed us a quick look around inside the building, so quiet and peaceful, so divine. Not the best photos I have taken, as it was very dark inside and I had no tripod, but still some fairly decent images.

The church, as with so many in this country, has a tremendous amount of history. It is one of the oldest Christian worship sites on Merseyside and is also listed with a 3 star rating in “The Guide to the Thousand Best Churches in the Country”. Quite something I would think.

Founded around 1170 by the Molyneux family, who were the local landowners, and built from local stone. Sadly there is no longer any trace of the original building, bar a few carved fragments. Only the tower, steeple and north aisle remain from a 14th century reconstruction.

Most of the current building dates back to early 16th century, with major restoration having been done in the 19th and 20th centuries. The church contains some of the finest Tudor furnishings anywhere in the UK, as well as a wealth of monuments ranging from 16th century brasses of the Molyneux family to the Neo-classical memorial of William Blundell, dating back to 1807. 

The church is still well used as a place of worship by the locals.


4 responses to “Serene beauty in the countryside”

  1. Yvonne says:

    Hello cuz, I can see you are really enjoying yourself.
    The stained glass windows tell the story don’t they.
    I love the old buildings you are capturing. Lots of love and loving your super captures.

  2. Derrick Baney says:

    Looks like you’re having a Blast – 1 More month for me then Im Retired

  3. Cindy Eve says:

    I love the old churches you find in this country; redolent of history in the UK. I find the headstones to be of great interest, those you can still read, which give you an insight to events in the area. I shall look out for the guide you mentioned.

  4. Paul says:

    You certainly sating your thirst for photographing tomb stones.

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