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Once I had settled into work, I went on a walk-about to look for different routes to walk during my break, and discovered there was a ‘Red Squirrel Reserve’ a 30-minute walk away from the house where I was working, and it was just a stone’s throw from the best beaches in the north of England, and some exhilarating coastal dune landscapes. A definite ‘break time’ walk! Besides the reserve, just walking through the neighbourhood was lovely too!

Red squirrels are a protected species in the UK as their numbers are fast declining, due to being overrun by disease and the grey squirrel, which were brought in from the USA. The reserve I planned to walk in is one of the last refuges in the UK, for these gorgeous little creatures. And if I didn’t get to spot an elusive red squirrel, I had a walk through the stunning sun dappled woodlands or on the beach, to look forward to!

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                                                                                                                Walking along the edge of the woodlands, I came across St Luke’s Church. The original chapel was destroyed by a sandstorm in 1739 and was replaced by the present church in 1854. Little is known of the early history of the church, but the presence of a 12th-century font in the church is evidence that it stands on an ancient site. The oldest gravestone in the churchyard is dated 1666. A beautiful old building, in a very serene setting.

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The forest floor was a photographic adventure all on its own. With so many subject choices, I could have spent plenty hours in the forests!


I would make many more trips to these forests during my 2 week stay in this area!

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  1. Chez says:

    Walking to me is the best peaceful therapy one could ask for that’s why i love golf so much! Thanks for the interesting info x x

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