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One of the pathways leading from the woodlands to the beach passes by the asparagus fields of Formby. Asparagus has always grown wild in the sand dunes around Formby, and the first commercial crops appeared as technology began to develop in the late 19th century. Despite the crop being apparently very distinctive in flavour, it is a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it one, both in terms of its brief season and relatively short supply.


This sculpture commemorates Jimmy Lowe, the prize-winning Formby asparagus grower. He took over Pine Tree Farm in 1925, and became a well-known local figure, regularly competing at the Vale of Evesham Asparagus Competition, becoming champion in 1930 -32; 1934, 36 and 37 and earning himself the title of “The Asparagus King “. 

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During the 2 weeks I was in the area, I took many different routes, always ending up either on the beach or in the reserve. A lot of walkers use the pathways through the dunes, for themselves and their dogs, so besides the glorious sunshine, the fresh smell of the sea and peaceful woodland walks, I got to have fun photographing some delightful four-leggeds, as well as the wild creatures that inhabit the area.

From the highest points on some of the dunes, you can see

the wind turbines of Liverpool Bay.

I generally walked nigh on 8kms in total during each 2-hour break, but always felt refreshed and rejuvenated afterwards! 

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The house I was working at was a double storey and the view of the sunset from my room was different every night, but always stunning especially when there were clouds aswell! 

There were always fresh flowers in the house, so on the days I didn’t go walking, I had fun practicing some close-up photography! 

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