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Posted on May 3, 2016 by Sioux under General


We left Spionkop Lodge and headed into the berg, to spend a few days at Drakensberg Sun.


Despite us both having been in the area many times, we have never stayed in any of the ‘Berg hotels. The views from our room were stunning, both early morning and sunset.



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The view from the balcony of our room.

There is a large dam on the hotel property, with rowing boats, sunset cruises, and catch-and-release fishing; however we opted to just walk the area and enjoy the scenery.

Sunset from our room as a treat! What a pleasure to be able to chill out totally and not have to worry about meals or even making a bed!! My kinda holiday!


A great place for some much needed R&R.


3 responses to “Rocky mountain high….”

  1. Cheryl Wilkinson says:

    I am sorry we missed this one but we can
    always make our own “next one”:o)

  2. Cindy says:

    looks amazing. what a fabulous view!!!!

  3. Yvonne Louw says:

    Wonderful sunsets….well captured

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