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The SA LFC Gauteng Supporters Club meet at the Lodge and travel to the top of Spionkop in order to remember the 96 football fans that went to watch a football game on 15 April 1989…..and never got to go home.

JFT 96
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Dave shadow
Eland LR (1 of 1)
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Hoepoe LR (1 of 1)
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View of The Kop from the bench LR (1 of 1)
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Over the road from the Lodge is the Spionkop Nature reserve and every time I have been to the Lodge, I make a point of going over to the reserve. It’s an extremely peaceful area to drive around in, game viewing or just looking over the dam, listening to the sounds of nature. Although this reserve doesn’t house the Big 5, what’s there is enough to sate my need for being in the bush.

Visiting Spionkop Lodge near Winterton in Natal, is like going home.

A memorial bench is permanently housed on the verandah at Spionkop Lodge, is iconic in its design in many ways – firstly a seating place, based on the outcome of reports following the Hillsborough disaster, which declared all stadiums had to be seated only, no standing. Secondly the 2 eternal flames on each side – one in memory of the fans, mostly from Juventas, who died at Heysel and the other for The 96. Lastly, 96 slats make up the bench – one for each victim of the Hillsborough disaster. It is also a memorial to a true Redman,

Guy Prowse, the initiator and designer of the bench.


The memorial plaque on the wall behind the bench

lists the names of The 96.



Ties between the hill and the football club are kept alive by the South African Liverpool FC Supporters Club, who gather at Spioenkop on 15 April every year to remember the 96 fans who had lost their lives at Hillsborough in 1989. South African supporters also needed a place to go, to remember the 96.

The obvious choice was, of course, Spioenkop.

Bench and memorial stone

Night time at the Lodge is quiet,

peaceful and very dark …. making it the

perfect venue for star trail photography. Paul was with me on this trip and he managed to get some brilliant results.

A short stay – but I will be back.


From Spionkop, we headed to Drakensberg Sun for a few more days of R&R.


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  1. Heather says:

    This is lovely Sioux. Can I use a bit to put in the newsletter?

  2. Ursula Evans says:


  3. Derrick Baney says:

    Good for you – looks like you had a gas there – i must try go past this place some time

  4. Pauline Smith says:

    Lovely photos. We were on the South Coast this weekend – a good break that was needed, even if the weather was crappy on Saturday,

  5. Marvelous wish I could have been with you. my mom would have love the birding part I love the night captures looks like the stars are going round and round.

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