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Courtesy of a school friend of one of my daughters, I have a week in Newcastle Upon Tyne. A lovely apartment, close to quayside, all to myself! Arriving in the late afternoon winter daylight, I was given a quick “this is here and that’s over there” tour, and my young host was on her way, back to her own family.


It took me only a few minutes to dump my suitcase, grab my camera and tripod and head out…..there was a fairly decent sunset threatening. I walked around the quayside area, taking in the beauty of new and old; bridges; buildings; night lights; reflections – my main dilemma was what to point my camera at first!


I elected to stand on the Tyne Bridge and photograph the sunset towards the Swing Bridge (‘swing’ as it swings up and open for passing sea faring traffic), the High Level and Queen Elizabeth bridges. The King Edward and Redheugh bridges were too far away to be seen clearly, their reflections upside down in the river.

Once the sun had disappeared below the horizon, I walked down to the Sage, Gateshead to get some photos of the Millennium Bridge.


The Sage Gateshead is a concert venue and also a centre for musical education, located on the south bank of the River Tyne.

From there I went to the Gateshead Heritage Centre, which dates back to the 12th century; and was originally known as St Mary’s Church. The adjoining graveyard closed for burials in 1853.


The building is known as Newcastle’s ‘mother church’ as it was the only church in the area for many years.

A sad moment as I noticed a bouquet of flowers wedged into the railings of the bridge, ironically just a bit away from a board advertising assistance for potential suicide jumpers.


With the mist falling heavily, I headed back to the apartment and warmth.


A great introduction to the city of Newcastle Upon Tyne. Tomorrow would be walkabout day. There were a number of places I wanted to visit.

By now the mist was rolling in and making photos of water reflections impossible, however I have always wanted to try and photograph people walking in misty conditions and this was the perfect opportunity. I managed a few good shots.

The city on either side of the Tyne Bridge was spectacular at night. I had much to explore in the morning!


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7 responses to “Rekindling old friendships and making new adventures”

  1. Cindy Eve says:

    Fabulous photos. Looks gorgeous

  2. Ursula Evans says:

    Beautiful pics

  3. paul says:

    There’s certainly some old souls in that graveyard.

  4. Yvonne says:

    Very captivating?

  5. jackie says:

    Loving the photos , they are awesome by the way 🙂

  6. Chez says:

    Thank goodness for friends! :o)

  7. Chez says:

    Stunning pictures by the way!

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