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A friend from SA emigrated to Ireland, and with me having a few days in between jobs, I took her up on the offer of a visit. Her, her hubby & her dad live in Kinsale, a town on the southern coast of Ireland, in County Cork. There is a large yachting marina and two 17th-century fortresses overlooking the River Bandon. 

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Due to time restraints, I only got to visit one of the castles, but that’s a story for another blog. I left from Liverpool’s John Lennon Airport and landed at Cork Airport, where my hosts were waiting. We headed back to Kinsale, dropped off my luggage and went walkabout.

There was much to see and Guinness to taste! I was somewhat taken aback at the amount of pubs in a small town like Kinsale – one on every corner is a very close estimate! 


We went to my hosts’ favourite pub for couple of pints and then headed back home, we had an early start in the morning for a long road trip!

By the time Kinsale was granted its royal charter in 1333, it

was already a thriving town and port. In 1601 a Spanish military

expedition – the last of the Armadas launched against England – landed in Kinsale to

linkup with Irish rebel forces and attack England through Ireland. As a result, the battle of Kinsale took place at the end of the Nine Year War in which English forces defeated the rebel Irish force, which was allied with forces of the Spanish Empire. Shortly after the battle, James’s Fort and Charles Fort were built to protect the harbour.


The tall mast in the harbour was erected as a gesture of thanks to the Spanish for the assistance. Sadly, for both the Irish and the Spanish, victory eluded them, and the English held the victors flag.


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