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Gotta love R&R time – I spent a day with my sister traipsing around the seaside near to where she lives and the weather was perfect too!

In the distance is the 250 year old Kingsgate Castle on the cliffs above Kingsgate Bay in Broadstairs.


The castle was built in the 1760’s as the stable block of the then Baron Holland’s nearby country residence, Holland House. The name Kingsgate is related to an incidental landing of Charles II

on 30 June 1683 (‘gate’ referring to a cliff-gap) although other English monarchs have also used this cove.


The building has now been converted into 31 separate

residential flats.

The gap in the cliffs is known as The Archway. We wanted to walk along the beach to get there but the tide was in, making it impassable.


Neptune’s Tower is the ruin of a folly which was built by Henry Fox, 1st Baron Holland, in the 18th Century.  It is one of several follies surrounding Kingsgate Castle.


Follies are built primarily for decoration, and extravagant decoration at that.  This one had a large central tower, but that no longer exists.


The windows give an interesting frame to the sea behind it.



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