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On my last but one day in Qatar, the kids decided to go travelling to places unexplored, by them or me. So, cooler box stacked with snacks, water & juice and GPS co-ordinates saved, off we went in a westerly direction, looking for what is known as ‘Film City’.


We literally travelled the width of the entire country of Qatar, which I found out today, is smaller than the Kruger National Park!!!


Enroute & quite by accident, we found the ‘Richard Serra East West / West East’ steel structures.  Four massive steel sheets, rolled in Germany & shipped here, then placed in the desert as an  artistic piece. Why?

  I have no clue, artistic

   licence I guess!

Trying to find this ‘Film City’ wasn’t easy, even using GPS co-ordinates and we eventually asked the advice of a passing military man. The advice we got was ‘just

over there, follow the road’.


Now in African custom, just over there could be an hour or a day’s drive away, and

we were soon to discover that this was the same in the desert ……over an hour later,

driving over a surface that barely resembled a road; looked like a lunar surface from

the movies (irony?) and tossed us about like corks in a storms we found Film City.


A replica Arab village, supposedly built between 5-10 years ago as the set of a local film, we were welcomed in by a white robed Sudanese expat, with greetings of “come, enter, drink tea”, himself shoving

small tot sized glasses of

cinnamon-scented aromatic

black tea into our hands….

we drank, thirsty or not!


The ‘City’ itself isn’t very big and the visit lasted about 30 minutes, after which we departed in search of the Mystery Village close by.



Small stone rondavels, also supposedly part of the same film set, I still don’t knowwhat makes it mysterious. My son-in-law & I both commented that we wished we had discovered this earlier during my visit as this would be the ideal camp-out spot in order to photograph the milkyway & star trails….I’ll just have to come back! 

IMG_3983 LR ftj (1 of 1)
IMG_3985 sepia
IMG_3987 LR ord (1 of 1)

Once back on solid tar & able to speak without

stuttering, my daughter said she had planned to

end off our day with a visit to The Sheikh Faisal

Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum, so off we went,

the GPS gal insisting that we follow her directions

to our last stop.



We did and a fascinating place it was, with a mix of relics, sea going craft from the region, ancient weapons of war and some very old, but extremely well kept vehicles.   A fabulous days outing!

IMG_4005 B&W
IMG_4010 LR HDR l s adj (1 of 1)


3 responses to “Pick a road……any road….”

  1. Cindy says:

    gosh sounds amazing….oh the things we see when we leave familiar shores……

  2. Chez says:

    Awesome and interesting at the same time you are so lucky Sioux! take care! x x

  3. Yvonne Louw says:

    Thank you for all the photos…..it almost feels as if we are with you. xxx

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