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Broadstairs in Kent (about 130kms east of London) is a lovely little seaside town, with an extensive history

dating back to the days of Vikings, even the bay on the main beach is named ‘Viking Bay’.


In later years, pirates frequented the village, and some of the local houses still have interconnecting

underground passageways, which back then allowed the pirates quick escape routes when needed.


There are original stone walls, still standing in the town, dating back to 1600!  The chapel, also dating back to the early 1600’s, was the chapel for St Mary of Bradstow and is now a pub & book shop, which also hosts weekly live music nights. One of the walls of the chapel is an original wall built in the 1200’s!

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Charles Dickens swam often in Viking Bay during the summer whilst he was staying in the house on the hill, Bleak House, which is where he wrote his novel, David Copperfield, in a study overlooking the harbour and the sea. So much history!


Surreal feeling to stand on the roadway, looking across the beach to Bleak House, and in the distance seeing the massive turbines of a windfarm some 40km or so out to sea, appearing like ghosts out of the mist as it was clearing! The old and the new, blending in so well.

While I was chilling & taking in the scenery, a strong wind was blowing the thick grey clouds out to sea and eventually the sun broke through, shining warm rays directly down onto the boats in the small bay.


Bright blue skies were short lived however, as the wind dragged yet more clouds along the sky and brought with it a light rain, so a quick dash up the road and I was home and dry! The beauty of living in a small town, nothing is too far away.


2 responses to “Oh I do like to be beside the seaside….”

  1. Chez says:

    Love your stories you certainly are looking out there and taking it all in so happy for you Sioux take care x x

  2. Pauline Smith says:

    Oh, okay – I am assuming you are in Broadstairs in Kent. When the sun appears, looks lovely, goes dark and it’s haunting…

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