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Walking around inside the castle, you can hear the sounds of bagpipes being played, but no ways could I find the piper!!


Who ever was living in and guarding the castle in days gone by certainly had a commanding view of the entire city! The views from the top of the castle walls were simply amazing, the snow covered Salisbury Crags in the distance showing a hint of the cold to come!

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Today was head to Scotland day. I was going up to Edinburg on the train. Only 1.5 hours away. So weird to be able to just jump on a train and head off to Scotland!

The weather was strange,

cold and overcast but in

some places clear blue skies.

I was going out anyway.

The countryside along the way

was certainly worth getting

some ‘high speed’

photos of!    

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Exiting the station, the first

building I saw was the Scott

Monument, a Victorian Gothic

monument to Scottish author

Sir Walter Scott. It is also the

largest monument to a writer

anywhere in the world. The walk up the hill from the station is by no means an easy amble, especially on icy ground, but the cobbled streets are sprinkled with coarse gravel and salt to prevent cars and walkers from slipping, but once at the top the views are spectacular, as were the old buildings along the way from station to castle, so I didn’t mind the walk.

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Overlooking the railway station and just below the castle is The Edinburgh University. Also a very impressive building.

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Edinburgh certainly has a

long history, as with so

much in this country.


The castle is built on a

700 million year old

extinct volcano called

Castle Rock. The rock itself has been

inhabited since the Bronze Age, around 850 BC, and there has been a royal castle on the site since at least the 12th century.

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Edinburgh Castle is known as the most besieged castle in the UK and

one of the most attacked in the world – a somewhat dubious claim to fame! There are a number of memorial statues to various famous figures at the main entrance to the castle.

St Margarets’ chapel, within the castle walls, was built in 1200BC by David the First, for his mother and is regarded as the oldest building in Edinburgh. Its tiny inside but beautiful

On one of the castle ramparts is a military cannon, known as the

“1 o’clock gun” and has been fired at the stroke of 1pm, almost

every day since 1861, excepting on Sundays, Christmas Day and

Good Friday.

I was ready on the walls above, with camera focused on the gun

to get the shot as it happened….I should have used a tripod and

remote shutter……… the bang was so loud and I got such a fright that I jumped back and all I got was the smoke clearing after the shot had happened!

Another old cannon, the Mons Meg is one of Europe’s largest war guns, which was capable of firing rounded stones weighing 150kgs, to a distance of over 3.2km!   Within the castle ground is the Scottish War Memorial to any Scot that perished in any war. Photos were not allowed within the confines of the building. Also housed inside the fortress are the Scottish Crown Jewels and understandably no photos allowed there either.

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The view across the Fourth of Firth from the castle wall.


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    The place is certainly rich in history.

  3. Pauline Smith says:

    WOW – a history lesson to go with the pictures … Just love reading your stories but never imagined that you would have jumped when the gun went off. Maybe you should go back and be more prepared.

    See you’re back at work again. Enjoy.

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