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Posted on December 7, 2015 by Sioux under Green Door
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As we had had a full day of walk-about in London on Saturday and I had to be at Tower Bridge by 10am on Sunday morning to collect my santa suit, we decided that sleeping at the YHA on Saturday night would be the ideal as it was a pleasant 20 minute walk along the Thames, back to the starting line. I was a fair bit wary about sleeping in a youth hostel, but my sister has done this on a regular basis, so I followed her lead…..and was pleasantly surprised!

Tea in room

Not only are the hostels good value for money (if you don’t convert to ZAR that is), but they are very clean, safe and quite comfortable. We were initially in a 10 sleeper room but as there were only top bunks left and no space to charge phones, we opted to pay more and get a 2 sleeper. Although noisy from the constant chatter of youngsters up & down the passages, the room was very cosy and comfortable.


We were exhausted from 8 hours of traipsing through the streets, and once a hot cuppa tea had been swilled, sleep wasn’t hard to find!


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