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I had a work assignment in Liverpool early in September, so headed up north and spent a few days with friends before going off to work. I had great fun photographing a rather large spider that had made their front porch its home! 

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As I was there over a weekend, we headed out to Croxteth Park Farm, which is a traditional working Victorian Farm set within the grounds of Croxteth Hall and Country Park, formally owned by the late Lord Sefton’s estate.

It is also a ‘Rare Breeds Approved Conservation

Centre’ and has become one of the leading

Conservation Farm Parks in the UK, housing many different species and breeds of farm livestock. It is also one of the finest working country estates in North West England. Within the estate, there are five main attractions namely Historic Hall; Croxteth Home Farm; the Victorian Walled Garden, which houses Liverpool’s historic botanical collection. A 500 acre country park and nature reserve and one of Liverpool’s oldest public buildings, the West Derby Courthouse, which dates from the reign of Elizabeth I. We only explored the Home Farm though. A fabulous respite before I started work again. 


3 responses to “Not quite Old MacDonald’s Farm!”

  1. Derrick Baney says:

    Good stuff looking good

  2. Pauline Smith says:

    Looks like you had quite a selection of inquisitive creatures ….

  3. Chez says:

    Some curious animals – don’t like spiders!
    But i love animals can’t wait to get near the Kruger again thanks for the info x x

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