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I awoke to heavy skies and rain on my second day in Bath, but by mid-morning it had abated enough to allow the sun to come peeking out through still heavy clouds. I took full advantage and walked to the botanical gardens in The Royal Victoria Park. Tempting as the local watering hole was, I bypassed it but decided it would definitely be a stop-off spot on the way home!

Historically fresh water ran into the park from a

nearby golf course and some of the surrounding

area, but the supply was stopped when it was found

to be causing flooding to basements in residential

areas around the gardens.

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Formed in 1887 covering 9 acres it is apparently one of the finest collections of plants on limestone. The gardens boast a wide variety of trees, shrubs, a fine herbaceous border, a rock garden and pool, a scented walk, a collection of old shrub roses, a replica of a Roman Temple and loads of other interesting features.

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There was a large pond near to the gate where I entered the park and I spent well over 2 hours watching the antics of the birds and ducks. 

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One of the original 12 Giant Redwoods brought over to the UK in the 1850’s, sadly succumbed to Honey Fungus, one of the few tree-diseases able to kill a Giant Redwood. In 2001, to celebrate its life and place within the Botanic Gardens, a local artist / chainsaw sculptor was commissioned to create a sculpture. Standing about 7m high with a diameter of about 3.5m, the result is awesome!

                               To mark the centenary in 1987 the gardens were extended to include the Great Dell, a disused quarry and formerly part of the park itself, which already contained a large collection of conifers. It has been developed

into a woodland garden, and is both fascinating and beautiful.

I meandered around the pathways until the heavens opened, sought shelter under a large tree and was kept company by a couple of squirrels. Once the rain had settled down to a fine drizzle, I made my way back home. 

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I stopped off for lunch and a few thirst quenchers and then headed to the house. 


A fabulous walk of almost 6kms in total. My feet would be put to their paces in the next few days! 


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  1. Cheryl says:

    Tx for interesting info on the Redwood honey fungus interesting…. did you know our African Blue Gum tree is the 2nd tallest tree in the world!

  2. Cheryl Wilkinson says:

    Please send pics of the golf course :o)

  3. Pauline Smith says:

    Awesome, as usual ….

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