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With no work on the horizon for the next 18 days, I booked a one week trip to Bath, a city I had wanted to explore for some time; the allure being the old Roman baths. I stayed in an ‘airbnb’ so didn’t have to worry about not being in for meals, I could do as I pleased. The place I stayed at was almost 5kms (one way) from the centre of the city, and a lovely walk alongside the River Avon; so I walked into the city every day.  

As I only arrived in Bath in the late afternoon, I didn’t do much exploring other than a visit to a church near to where I was staying; and the local Co-op to get supplies. The church, dedicated to St. Michael, has an old tower and six bells. The register dates from 1538, but I couldn’t find any other records as to when the church was built. It was apparently enlarged in 1824 and ‘rebuilt’ in 1839. 

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I said my thanks to the vicar, headed to the shops for both liquid and solid supplies; then back to the B&B. An early night was in order, there was loads

of exploring to be done!

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Unusually for the UK, the church was locked but the rectory

wasn’t far away and the local vicar gladly opened up for me.


Sadly the church is in dire need of a lot of repair and renovation,

for which there are ongoing fundraising drives. 


2 responses to “New roads, new adventures – exploring Bath part 1”

  1. Pauline Smith says:

    Oh, wow – that church is beautiful, does the kitty go with it?? Looks good inside, the outside looks like it needs some help. You can have ANY colour, so long as it’s GREY – 🙂

  2. Cheryl Wilkinson says:

    Can’t wait for your next news on BATH enjoy!

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