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Posted on June 30, 2016 by Sioux under Green Door
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After Paris came Brussels, and I was glad of the fact that I would be staying with someone I knew, albeit having only met once.


A friend of my sister’s lived in Brussels and at our first meeting she had extended an invite to come

and stay should I ever be on the continent; so here

I was!


It was great to have someone to show me around and also to have company in the evenings. She

has a lovely home and was a very gracious host,

so I wanted for nothing. Whilst she was at work during the day, I again did a hop-on-hop-off bus

tour of the city, as I was only there for 2 nights.


My time in Brussels was fabulous – as with most European cities – so much history, so much to

see, so little time……and there’s definitely something to be said about Belgium chocolate!

My gosh it’s good!!


Munich next.

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One response to “New friends, chocolate galore!”

  1. Pauline Smith says:

    Love the way that you’ve done these photo’s

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