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Posted on January 24, 2020 by Sioux under General
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I landed in SA in the early morning, grabbed my bags and bolted from International Arrivals to Domestic Departures, met up with a friend, and made it with half an hour to spare before boarding. We had fun catching up on the plane, and landed in PE looking forward to spending time at the home of a school friend of hers; and meeting up with mutual work colleagues we hadn’t seen in ages!


We unpacked and headed out to buy supplies for the 2 days we were in PE. From there it was off to the beach with our hosts’ granddaughter. Despite it being hot, there was quite a mist coming in from the ocean, and PE was living up to its name of being the windy city!! We didn’t stay on the beach too long, before heading back home. There was cold beer waiting and catching up to do!


A fab afternoon, that led into a long night of fun and laughter!

On Sunday, we met up with a work colleague and a friend of his, and spent the afternoon reminiscing, laughing and having a whale of a time!


All too soon, it was time to leave again, and get packed up again. In the morning we were heading for Plett, and more fun in the sun!

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One response to “Meetups, farewells, holidays #2 – sun, sea, sand and fun!”

  1. Pauline says:

    I see you had another lap friend….

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