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Posted on December 1, 2015 by Sioux under Green Door
Cat on couch

At last, no more flying…for a while! My niece’s home is home now for at least a month.

    A quaint little place in a town that was once a pirates landing place!

        A warm, welcoming fire in the grate, the homeliness perfectly

                 finished off with cat-on-couch.


                   It’s a typical little English home, double storey,

                   with the narrowest of staircases.


                     My view from the window is of the street

         behind her road but is not unpleasant, and the walk to

         the beach is less than five minutes!


 One of the many local pubs is probably 100meters away

at most – I think I could like it here!


Now, about this weather….


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2 responses to “It’s old, it’s quaint, it’s pretty and it’s home…..”

  1. Pauline Smith says:

    That really looks awesome and warm. And the Pubs are always just a stones throw away. The beach..is that made up of pebbles? Enjoy..

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