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Posted on March 6, 2016 by Sioux under General


And so I find myself chilling (literally – as it’s been freezing or below for two days now) in the heart of the British countryside, known as The Cotswolds, an area in south central England, typified by rolling hills and farm fields.


The Cotswold Hills rise from the meadows of the upper Thames to an escarpment known as Cotswold Edge. The terrain is defined by the Jurassic limestone that creates a type of grassland, rare in England, and is quarried for the golden-yellowish coloured Cotswold stone, which has been used in the building of most buildings in the area for hundreds of years.

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Roughly 40km across and 145km long, the Cotswolds cover several English counties. The highest point is Cleeve Hill at 330m high.


A favourite area for walking, taking dogs for a run, and doubles as a golf course, so beware when someone shouts “fore”! We took the two cocker spaniels for a runabout, walking for about 90 minutes and covering 6kms in total.

Beautiful scenery on the outgoing and incoming journey. The air was crisp and cold. By the next day, the entire area was covered in a light blanket of snow!

The two dogs are very well behaved and well socialised, so there is no threat of fights when other dogs are around – more like play time. They walk on the leash for a while and when let loose, take off like two golden cannon balls, chasing the pheasants hiding in the grass and the swallows that dip and dive across the grasses, catching any flying mites.


A favourite sport is rolling in fox poo, of which there is much, so by the time they get home the dogs need a wash down as they are somewhat smelly. All clean and dried, they collapse in an exhausted heap on their beds.

Fun times for all!

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2 responses to “Into the heart of the English countryside”

  1. Pauline Smith says:

    Good to hear that the dogs have a wonderful time as well.

  2. Cheryl Wilkinson says:

    So glad to hear you have some “chill time”Sioux enjoy and thank you for keeping us updated with all your news i find everything so interesting! x x

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