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The beautiful St Pancras/Kings Cross Station was my train change point enroute from Gatwick to Broadstairs, and after four flights in 10 days, I was more than happy to put my luggage into lock-up and go walkabout for a while.

I was in no rush to go anywhere, had nothing to do and all day to do it in, so off I went. The magnificent St Pancras Hotel is an architectural masterpiece, and to think some wanted it demolished to make way for a more modern building – absolute sacrilege!!

Paul Day’s massive “Lovers” statue inside the station

concourse towers into the air, ever watchful over the comings

and goings of travelers making their way through the station.


The 3D brass artworks around the base, although nowhere near as imposing as the statue above, are nonetheless stunning, each telling its own story of meeting & greeting; happy and sad farewells or just life in general.

Once on the highspeed train, I could sit back and relax

for the duration of the 2 hour journey, enjoying the view of the English countryside,

houses standing like soldiers in rows, chimneys on rooftops taking me back to childhood memories of watching the likes of “Mary Poppins” and saying ‘one day I want to go there’……..well here I am!   


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  1. Ursula Evans says:

    All beautiful. And you make me feel as if I am there with you with your awesome descriptions

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