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Morning broke with beautiful blue skies, and taking full advantage of the clear weather, we headed out for the walk from Broadstairs to Ramsgate, and what a beautiful walk it was too.


Taking the long way round, we went up through Broadstairs town, passing many old yet well cared for buildings and churches while heading for Bleak House.


A quick visit into the historical venue (now a well-known hotel) was a must. Walking along the very corridors that Charles Dickens himself walked so many moons ago was somewhat surreal. The interior décor still very much the same as when he was there, the aura inside the mansion was hushed yet welcoming at the same time.

The late afternoon sun streaming into sea-facing bay windows and onto the wooden framework and plush leather upholstery of period furniture gave the room a warm but ancient feeling, making us feel as if we had been transported back in time.


The caretaking staff were in the process of livening the house up with Christmas decorations and I can imagine taking high tea in the afternoon must be quite an affair, with the necessary pot of hot tea and scones with jam and cream, all served     on very fine China. A return visit is a must!   

Strolling up a narrow cobbled alleyway and under the same York Gate archway that was the original entrance into the town in the 1700’s was quite something, leading to some imaginative thoughts! If only walls – or cobbles – could talk, oh what stories we would hear……

Inside one of the rustic little tea shops, was an old water well, complete with ‘locals’ sitting at the bottom, waiting for handouts. They had clearly been there a very long time.

We went back up the hill onto the promenade and past

what used to be the Barracks for Wellington‘s men at

the time of Waterloo.


The tide was out and the beach enticing, so we headed down to the sandy shores.


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4 responses to “If walls and cobbles could talk”

  1. Chez says:

    Thanks for the news :o)

    That’s what i love about the UK it is just SEAPED in history! I have never been or seen so many of the well known little towns perhaps one day! lots of love x x

  2. jackie says:

    I am loving all the stories and the photos – thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  3. Cindy says:

    terrific photos. and yes, the history is phenomenal. did you ever enquire about the free tours….they’re ever so interesting

  4. Ursula Evans says:

    Thank you for sharing your amazing pics and the history

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