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A few days at home and then I headed off to the Pilansberg Game Reserve with my eldest daughter and her family. We were booked into Bakubang, a resort just inside the reserve. We had a lovely chalet which looked out into the bush and was the ideal setting to have some proper R&R quality time!

The Pilanesberg National Park was named after a Tswana chief who went by the name “Pilane”, and is found

in the crater of an ancient volcano, formed 1.2 billion years ago by overflowing magma. The landscape and

rock formations are reminders of this magnificent occurrence. Although the area covers only around 550 square km’s, virtually all of the animal species native to southern Africa can be found here, including the Big 5, wild dog, Roan, Tsessebe, Sable antelope and more than 360 species of bird. Hotel Group, Sun International leased the adjacent farm and built one of South Africa’s biggest entertainment complexes, Sun City and a world famous golf course. The development of Pilanesberg National Park is considered to be one of the most complex and aspiring projects of its kind found anywhere in the world.

We arrived late in the afternoon so stayed within the camp confines on our first day there. My grandson is a budding photographer so he commandeered one of my cameras and we walked around for a while, searching for game on the opposite side of the fence but it was already too dark to see anything, so we headed back to the chalet to chill. 

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The next morning it was up early, a walk about the lodge grounds and then into the reserve for a game drive. We saw a fair amount of game, but leopard, lion and cheetah remained elusive. 

Just outside the camp gates was the carcass of a large elephant. My son-in-law asked the security guard at the gate what had happened and he informed us that 2 elephant bulls had had a marathon fight which lasted for a number of days. The carcass was that of the loser. He added that although the other bull had walked away from the fracas, he too had succumbed to his injuries.

Hot from the drive, the kids wanted to swim so off to the pool they went. I’m not a fan of cold water so I watched from the side, as did mom and dad! 

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We had a lazy afternoon and headed up to the lodge pub for sundowners to end a perfect day!


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  1. Cheryl Wilkinson says:

    Good pics, havent been there for ever! Tx

  2. Paul says:

    Budding photographer!!!

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