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Back to Liverpool after many years to spend time with a very good friend & his kids; meet the new lady in his life and relax. Unfortunately, due to loads of rain and me being incredibly ill while there, I didn’t do much travelling around. Just up the road from their house is a beautiful old church now converted into a Christian Community Centre. A magnificent building, built between 1857 & 1858. Badly damaged by a fire in 1992, it was restored and became redundant and fell into disrepair. It has since been fully restored and is back to its original use.

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The travelling I did do was either on foot, or being taxied by my friend. In between the rain and cold, I was blessed with a few good days and on one of these I walked to Birkenhead Park.


There are some stunning homes along the route to the park.

The park, widely known as the first publicly funded civic park in the world, was opened in April 1847.

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Built on 226 acres of marshy, grazing land, it took five years to complete and was designed to be natural and informal, rather than structured like a formal garden. There are terraces, hills, rockeries and lakes; with numerous trees and shrubs all over the place, giving visitors surprise views of unexpected features as they wander through the peaceful park. It was exactly what I needed after being house & bed bound for almost 5 days!

During WW1 the park was used as a training ground for recruits and during WW2 it was damaged by German bombs and even had a Spitfire use the area for an emergency crash landing! In 1977 Birkenhead Park was designated a conservation area and declared a Grade 1 listed landscape by English Heritage in 1995. The park is well used by the public as a walking place for dogs and play place for energetic children.

The Swiss Bridge,

a 7m pedestrian bridge

across one of the lakes, was built in 1847 and is now unique as the only covered bridge of traditional wooden construction in the UK. It was modelled according to similar bridges in Switzerland, hence the name.

A thoroughly enjoyable days outing.


2 responses to “Friends, birthdays and football”

  1. Pauline Smith says:

    Hi there – sorry to hear that you were bed-bound.
    The pictures are beautiful, looks like the pigeon enjoyed having his “portfolio” being taken – stunning colours on all the birds. The Park looks absolutely amazing – wish I was there too!.
    Enjoy and we do miss you…..

  2. Chez says:

    Hey Sue so sorry to hear you have not been well. Hope you eat lemon skin with everything that is where all the best
    vitamins are (in the skin) freeze and grate over your food to keep healthy :o) x x Beautiful pics i have never been there! x x

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