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Back at a regular client in Liverpool, I discovered there were 3 resident hedgehogs in the garden and the carers before me had been feeding them, as well as the birds. I didn’t need any further encouragement to buy more food for the visiting ‘Spikes’ and for the birds. I have walked the area extensively so didn’t go out much. There were plenty fresh flowers and the birds for me to occupy myself with during my breaks, trying to master close-up photography; and at night, I patiently waited for the Spike family to arrive. 

On one of my walks to the local village, I passed this quaint little house and fell in love! I wished I could have explored it more, but didn’t want to disturb the tenants so a cell phone photo of the outside had to suffice. 

One of the hedgehogs had an injured eye, and was coming out in the daylight to feed, which is very unusual. On the advice form the local RSPCA and with patience, sneaky tactics and a thick dishtowel, I managed to snag the little guy and called them to collect it. Once its healed they’ll relocate it, back into the same area.

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A red squirrel came to help itself to the fat balls we had put out                                       for the birds, and what a feast it had too! The birds couldn’t get anywhere near the feeder while this little one was there!

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Mama blackbird was making good use of the meal-worms I put out, making sure her offspring had a nutritious meal every day! We could hear the fledgling squawking each meal time, chasing Mama on. 


I had a few days R&R with friends in Liverpool after my assignment ended, then made my way down to Wiltshire, a new area, as well as a new client. More adventures to follow! 

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