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Posted on March 18, 2017 by Sioux under General


A relaxing holiday break was in order. With one of my daughters and her family coming to visit I made sure my camera batteries were well charged.


Much excitement as I waited at the airport for them to arrive. My Bear now also had a playmate! Our first stop was Tonbridge, where we were overnighting. 

We went for a walkabout to show them my new “home town”. The weather played along perfectly. A walk about

around the grounds of a local church and the castle, a stroll along the river, picking fresh berries as we went; stopped in a park to watch some

miniature railway enthusiasts playing with their ‘toys’, and then headed for refreshments. Next stop was northwards to Liverpool. 

20160624_091402 LR (1 of 1)
20160816_232618 LR (1 of 1)
20160816_235602 LR (1 of 1)
20160817_123515 LR (1 of 1)
20160826_202528 LR (1 of 1)
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Screenshot_2017-01-20-20-29-02 LR (1 of 1)
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Screenshot_2017-01-20-20-29-44 LR (1 of 1)
Screenshot_2017-01-20-20-28-39 LR (1 of 1)
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IMG_7924 LR (1 of 1)
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IMG_7923 LR (1 of 1)


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4 responses to “Family holiday fun time #1 – A quick tour of my new ‘home’ town”

  1. Cheri says:

    Best family holiday ever

  2. Paul says:

    The lad is getting taller by the day

  3. Chez says:

    Can’t beat family holiday time together so happy for you Sue!

  4. Pauline Smith says:

    I see your hand is in a bandage again – camera getting too heavy now?
    Looks like a good time was had by all, including Bear’s new mate…

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