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From Liverpool we headed to London, where we had 5 days to play. The weather was the best London had experienced for a long while and the heat was quite something.


We stayed at a lovely hotel in Belgrave Road, within easy walking distance of Pimlico Underground station and also a good walk to the hubbub of central London.   

Day 1: We checked into our hotel, dropped off the bags and headed out. It was already 4pm, but being

summer, we had long days to look forward to and made the most of it. We walked past St Saviour’s, an

Anglo-Catholic Church of England church every time we headed to Pimlico Underground, but never got to go inside. The church was constructed in the 1860’s.  At 51.8m high, the spire was at the time, one of the tallest in London.

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Just outside of Pimlico tube station is a giant robot-sculpture which is actually a functional ventilation tower for the tube station. The artist was fascinated by the relationship between man and machine and the metamorphosis of what some consider junk into new aesthetic forms. The lower section is covered in metallic reliefs of clock faces, gears and shapes suggestive of factories and machine-parts. 

We took the tube under the river, to Vauxhall Station, and from there walked                                                                                                                                  along the Thames to Westminster Bridge and Big Ben, past the London Eye and along Southbank. We watched some bubble blowers and buskers doing their thing to earn a few pennies; then headed to Blackfriars Bridge; down Fleet Street to Trafalgar Square; down The Mall to Buckingham Palace and eventually got a taxi back to the hotel at 9.15pm. The kids couldn’t believe how late it was and yet we still had blue skies above!  

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Map shadow
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Walking was thirsty work and we

                 had our pick of pubs to 

                 stop at for a cold frosty 

                 and food along the way.

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Tired feet and weary travelers decided a taxi back to the hotel was the way to go.


We stopped in at a small pub over the road from the hotel, only to find that their kitchen was already closed. With only a corner shop nearby, it was ready made sarmies and crisps for dinner, but at least the corner shops also sold beer so we didn’t need to go looking for an off-sales!


A fabulous first day, but we were all hot and tired so it was early to bed. We had an early start on Day 2 as we wanted to get a good viewpoint to watch the parade during Changing of Guard at Buckingham Palace.


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