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We got packed up, and away from London early, with our first stop in Sevenoaks, to meet up with my sister for lunch; she was working and couldn’t get away for too long. Much catching up to do as the kids hadn’t seen her in almost 8 years! We had a fab afternoon and then headed back to the station and off to Broadstairs.

We were lucky enough to get the top floor of a lovely guest house right on the sea-front and had the most gorgeous view! We got our things unpacked and headed off for a walk about. Ryan was also itching to get to the beach, although he high-tailed it out of the water once he felt the temperature and maintained that the people who were swimming must be quite mad! He opted to play on the beach while we found a restaurant nearby that served good fish ‘n chips and cold beer! After lunch we moseyed around the town for a while and then headed in for dinner & bed.  

Broadstairs, on the Isle of Thanet [in Roman times the Isle of Thanet was actually an island, separated from the mainland of Kent by The Wantsum Channel], is a quaint little town, with all the trimmings, bric-a-brac shops, hotels, restaurants and pubs to be found in a sleepy seaside town; aswell as a lot of history!


A fishing settlement developed in the vicinity of a nearby shrine in the 14th century, and the area came to be called “Broadstairs”, after a flight of steps which was made in the cliff to give access to the shrine from the bay, known as ‘Viking Bay’. 

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We only had a short time in Broadstairs so it was early up and out the next morning after breakfast. We walked along the beach for a while and then took the coastal path to Ramsgate, where we met up with my niece and her beloved.    

The building of Ramsgate Harbour started in 1749 and was completed in

about 1850. The unique distinction of being the only harbour in the United

Kingdom awarded the right to call itself a Royal Harbour was bestowed by

King George IV after the hospitality he was shown by the people of Ramsgate

when using the harbour in 1821. Because of the harbour’s proximity to

mainland Europe, Ramsgate was a chief embarkation point both during the 

Napoleonic Wars and for the ‘Operation Dynamo’ evacuation of Dunkirk in 1940.  

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Ryan had loads of fun at the local funfair after a walk-about in the town; we headed into a harbour-front pub for lunch, and with the skies looking like a storm was brewing, we settled on taking a bus back to our hotel in the afternoon. 

A short stay but loads of fun, and then the holiday was over and it was time for the kids to head back home and for me to head to work. A wonderful two weeks, which helped to stave off the homesickness for a while and it was great to see all the places we went to, as a tourist again! 

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  1. Yvonne Louw says:

    I like the sandy shoes ????????

  2. Pauline Smith says:

    Where’s Bear’s partner – feeling a little under the weather cos the holiday was over??

  3. Chez says:

    Ah lovely pics and info as always….thank you, special times with special people in your life – this is what LIFE is all about so happy for you Sue that you are doing all of this with the people you love and who love you! Ryan you have the best Granny EVA!

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