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IMG_5207 route

Using the map of the town my host had kindly supplied, I headed out. Making my way across the Swing Bridge, I walked first to what is known as Old Newcastle, to see the original town gate and keep. I found a stairway leading up the hill, nearby the station, and landed up saving myself a long walk!

On my way to China Town and the Chinese gate, I passed by yet more original city walls that had kept the city safe from intruders hundreds of years before. Phenomenal! I touched one of the walls and felt only warmth, a strange feeling on a cold and wet day. I was amazed yet again at how history is preserved in this country – those walls were ancient!  

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It felt somewhat surreal walking through what was the original entrance to the City of Newcastle, the cobbled road used hundreds of years ago by knights; kings and peasants alike. The prison-keep is still standing – empty and eerie. Legends about the castle range from tales of prisoners being hung drawn and quartered to an unusual story of a youngster being killed by a flying donkey and a woman beaten to death for owing money.

Another visit was to the historical St. Nicholas Cathedral. An immense structure which is an integral part of the core of Newcastle’s medieval history. A worship and prayer session has been held in this church every day for the last 900 years!

Purely by accident I landed up on the road past the Parish Church of

St Andrews, and went in. I could only stay for a short while though as they were about to start a private service.

I headed off to St John the Baptist Church, yet another ancient structure of sheer beauty.


Taking a wrong turn in the opposite direction to where I wanted to go while looking for The Greys Monument, led me to the Church of St Thomas the Martyr. Words simply cannot describe the sheer beauty of these buildings; or the quiet serenity and peace to be found inside.

Being a passionate football fan, a visit to opposition Newcastle Football Club home grounds, St James Park, was a must!

One intrepid lady, professing to be a third generation Welsh gypsy, safely ensconced inside this lovely looking wagon, with small generator too I might add, the sign outside the door beckoning to passers by to come in and have their fortunes told. I had no doubt she packed up after dark and went home to her very English home, with no signs of gypsy to be seen anywhere!

By now it was raining steadily and I headed back in the

right direction to get me home, passing by Monument Mall,

and the Greys Monument.


The city was alive with residents heading home from work or errands, my camera was headed in their direction at every opportunity, the reflections on the sidewalks were too much to resist.


Unfortunately the rain was coming down fairly heavily by now so I tucked my camera safely under my jacket and headed back to Tyne Bridge and home, for a warm curry dinner.

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