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Having seen some magnificent photos of deer in Richmond and Bushy Parks, I decided to head there myself during one of my inbetween-assignment-breaks, to see what I could capture by way of decent sunrise images. I left the residence at 5.30am and headed for the station. The weather didn’t look too promising during the two hour train ride.

I walked from Richmond Station towards the Thames, and along the pathway that runs next to the river. It wasn’t a very warm morning, and the sun was fighting to find a gap in the menacing grey clouds. As it was midweek, I literally had the walkway to myself, which was sheer heaven. Very peaceful. 

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I got into the park just after 9am, and although it was still very cloudy, the sun broke through for a

short while and I managed to get a few images before the skies closed up again. It was rutting season and the

deer were plentiful, but I made sure I stayed well clear of them as the stags could become quite aggressive and I had no intention of being brave and trying to get in close up. I only had a small zoom lens with me and would have to make do with that.

Richmond Park was created by Charles I in the 17th

century as a deer park. Measuring 955 hectares, it is the

largest of London’s Royal Parks and is around three

times to size of New Yorks’ Central Park. The area is also

of major importance for wildlife conservation.


The stunning landscapes have inspired many famous

paintings and have been used in films andTV series. The

park is also home to many buildings of architectural or

historic interest. Historically the preserve of the monarchy,

the park is now open to the public. There are two tarred

roads through the park which are also used by vehicles

and deer alike. Red and fallow deer roam freely in the park.   

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Richmond map final
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I ambled through the park towards the ponds, in the hope that I would catch some deer sating their thirst, but managed only to find a few dogs playing in the water.

                                                                                                                                         The woodland areas are thick and lush, offering the deer a lot                                                                                                                of camouflage and shelter, while the trees are home to a large  variety of birds. I was intrigued to see a large flock of Green Asian Parakeets! Apparently they were initially kept as cage-birds but a number of them escaped and made the park their home. Clever birdies! 

IMG_8030 LR (1 of 1)
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IMG_3920 LR (1 of 1)
IMG_3924 LR (1 of 1) red
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IMG_3944 LR (1 of 1)
IMG_3951 LR (1 of 1)
IMG_3952 LR (1 of 1)

Tramping along the grassy pathways in the quiet of the morning, the last thing I expected to stumble onto was a snake basking in the little bit of sun that had found a gap in the clouds! I nearly wet myself and although it was only a harmless grass snake (which I didn’t know at the time), I back pedalled very fast. Once I had some photos to ID the creature, I flung a few small pebbles at the snake, and it eventually slithered away. I was somewhat more alert after that encounter! Look ahead for deer; up for birds and down for snakes! 

IMG_3973 LR (1 of 1)
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IMG_3985 B&W LR (1 of 1)
IMG_3982 LR (1 of 1)
IMG_3979 LR (1 of 1)
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IMG_3950 LR (1 of 1)
IMG_3936 LR (1 of 1)
IMG_3954 crop LR (1 of 1) red
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By noon I was getting both hungry and thirsty; and having had my

‘walk mapper’ app on my phone working, my phone had run flat; so I headed towards the nearest exit gate and refreshments. A grey heron in the pond at the gate had the same idea!

IMG_4013 LR (1 of 1)
IMG_4023 LR (1 of 1)
IMG_4016 LR (1 of 1)
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IMG_4022 LR (1 of 1)

I was grateful of the loan of a phone charger from the barman and once myself and the phone were recharged, I headed back towards the river, passing by the Teddington Lock, over the bridge, through Teddington and into Bushy Park, the 2nd largest of London’s parks, at 445 hectares in area.  


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    I love the way you incorporate so much info with your excellent photos thank you i love reading about all your travels please don’t ever stop :o)

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