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Although the name sounds drastic, The Slaughters got their name from the old English word ‘Slothre’ which simply means muddy place, although the villages of today, with tarred roads, are nowhere near as muddy as they must have been when the area was initially established.

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There are twin villages, Upper and Lower

Slaughter. We visited Lower Slaughter, the

epitome of Cotswold charm and beauty,

known for its limestone cottages, built in

traditional Cotswold style.

The River Eye (aka Slaughter Brook) runs through both villages; which have remained unchanged for more than a century, and no new buildings added since 1906!

Oblivious of the cold, this brave mutt was happy to go chasing into the water to retrieve his stick!

There is very little history available for the Church of St Marys in Lower Slaughter, a building of stone with a Cotswold stone roof, it was almost completely rebuilt in 1867, however still houses an early 13th-century arcade of four bays and a piscina, (a shallow basin placed near the altar of a church, or in the vestry or sacristy, used for washing the communion vessels), of the same period.   

The drawcard for tourists is the beauty and charm of the area, as there is little else of attractive value, other than the restored flour mill in Lower Slaughter, last used commercially in 1958, and now houses a tea room, curio shop and ice cream parlour.


        And a backdrop for ‘togs taking photos of other           ‘togs!

Although icy cold, it was an absolutely fabulous morning with two wonderful friends. I couldn’t have wished for better!

Selfie fun!

The village of Lower Slaughter has been inhabited for over 1,000 years, with just 38 people being assessed for poll tax in 1381. 


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