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My birthday week planning took many twists and turns before I eventually settled on the place I was going to visit. Initially starting as a visit to the Isle of Wight, it changed while I was paging through a magazine and saw a photo of Mermaid Street in Rye. There was no contest. Rye it was.


My sister joined me and as we are both avid photo-takers, we had a brilliant weekend of chasing sunrises and sunsets, beach walks (and falls), lighthouses, war ships, castles and a balloon filled birthday breakfast! 

1 Rye stn LR (1 of 1)
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Rye map
Rye map 20 Oct
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Once my assignment in Liverpool was done, I headed to Rye by train. My sister drove from Broadstairs and met me at the station, which has been operational since 13 February 1851! Our room in the hotel had a fab view of the river, so the setting was perfect!               

On our first trip to the harbour to see the sunset, we passed this little church, The Church of the Holy Spirit near Rye Harbour. It was built in 1849, in the gothic style, and constructed of local blue stone and Caen stone. Extended in 1912 with the roof in the shape of an upturned boat. Unfortunately we couldn’t get into the grounds and had to be happy with photos taken from the road side. 

Rye Harbour, a small village in its own right, is located about 3.2km away from the town of Rye, on the estuary of the River Rother, and is home to a small commercial fishing fleet and a long-established life boat station. The nearby Rye Harbour Nature Reserve was established in 1970, and is home to almost 150 rare or endangered species. The 200 year old village was built on shingle beaches, the shingle being washed up by the sea over the last 800 years. The original medieval port of Rye is now almost 3km inland and access is limited due to the shingle deposits.

Walking over a bridge back to the hotel later that evening, we realised when the tide goes out, the river empties completely and all the boats land up in the mud! 

We had dinner and headed to bed, a lot had been planned for the next day.

20161020_201647 red

From the time I got there, we were on the go. Besides ambling through the streets of Rye, we visited the castle, drove to (or through) Camber  Sands, Winchelsea, Jury’s Gap, New Romney,  Dymchurch, Dungeness, Hastings (where we  saw the Russian naval fleet being escorted  through the English Channel) & Hythe.


  We took a ride on a mini steam train from          

   nowhere in particular, to Rock-a-Nore Station,   

   and generally had a lot of fun and plenty      



    All in all a fabulous weekend! 


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  1. Pauline Smith says:

    Hhhmmm – editing went a bit wobbly at the top by your maps…
    Imagine wanting to go for a romantic cruise around the harbour in the evening!! Wouldn’t get very far – 🙂

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