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Posted on March 1, 2016 by Sioux under Upcoming Trips


aerial photograph of Gloucester Cathedral Gloucestershire England UK
Gloucester Cathedral - internal
Gloucester cathedral
Gloucester map

Time for a break from caring again, and this time it’s off to the Gloucester countryside for me. I’ll be staying with a good friend and his wife, for a week.


Looking forward to meeting Mrs M and spending time catching up with Mr M! Also ex-pats, we’ll have loads of home stories to swop, I’m sure!


In between catch up time and rest time, they have 2 lovely golden spaniels and loads of space to go walking……more photo time for me! I can’t wait!!


Gloucester Cathedral is most definitely on my visiting list. These images are courtesy of Google Images.


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3 responses to “Bear is going a’visitin’”

  1. Cindy says:

    awesome. the cathedral looks amazing. enjoy

  2. Caroline says:

    Is so cool that you get to catch up with them. Enjoy the time off for walkabout and photos!

  3. Cheryl Wilkinson says:

    Keep us posted Sioux and enjoy the break! You
    have earned it x x

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