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On my 2nd day, I walked up one of Barcelona’s two most famous streets, the Rambla (a wide promenade in the old city) to get to where the tourist bus departure point at the square known as Placa de Catalunya. The Rambla is one of nine that emanate from the square, and even though the square is enormous in size, it is constantly crowded with people walking to and from one of these nine streets. Rambla is a popular night time meeting place, lined with eateries of all descriptions. Buskers ply their trade either trying to sell something or just sitting atop a perch, painted faces staying deadpan, awaiting whatever coins get tossed their way.

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Until the middle of the nineteenth century the                                                                                                                 Plaça de Catalunya was a rural area just outside the city walls, and now                                                                                                                        functions as a hub for the city’s public transportation. Below the square is the                                                                                                                 main subway junction; three metro lines and a city railway line meet here. Many                                                                                                                  of the city’s buses, as well as airport express and tourist buses stop here at                                                                                                                 the square. The benches at the oval shaped centre of the square are ideal for                                                                                                                people-watching. A single row of trees surrounds this area, shielding it from the                                                                                                                traffic heavy streets. To the north are a couple of large circular fountains that are illuminated at night. A large number of sculptures are planted around the central paved area, seemingly at random.

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The most prominent of these is the Monument a Francesc Macià, honoring the former president of the Generalitat (the Catalan government). The sculpture was created in 1991 by Josep Subirachs, a sculptor who also worked on the Passion Facade of the Sagrada Família.

An iconic statue of a female figure

by Josep Clara, entitled

“La Deessa o l’ Enigma”

(The Goddess or the Enigma) is set

at the center of a pool. The white

marble sculpture is a 1982 replica.

Buildings are old and modern all mixed up together, with a lot of artistic licence having been used in the design of some buildings, so Barcelona has become a rich mix of old and new. There is a fountain at almost every traffic circle; with churches and monuments aplenty! I lost track eventually and stopped trying to keep a list of them all; so sat back and absorbed the sights, taking plenty photos along the way.

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The summer weather was good, so locals and tourists alike were out & about.

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Bullfighting has been banned in Barcelona for some time now and the old bull-ring is now a shopping centre with a difference!

In 1870, the Torre de les Aigües provided water to some of the first houses to be built in the Eixample district. Now, more than a century later, converted into a swimming pool and a small park, it provides fun for young and old alike.


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