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Posted on January 3, 2020 by Sioux under General

After a cold and wet Christmas spent caring in Liverpool, January saw me back in the Wiltshire countryside with a lovely (regular) client, and my trusty four-legged sanity-saver!


On dry days, he and I had many walks in the muddy fields, me always on the lookout for cows; he always on the lookout for pheasant or hare to chase! I do love walking with him, as his exuberance is infectious and although I wouldn’t even attempt to run with him, watching him chase around the fields like a hare on a string makes my day!


He comes thundering back when I whistle, sometimes from behind me, other times flying out of bushes and hedgerows ahead, scaring the daylights out of me, and always knowing in which direction I was going to go next.


After our walks he was more than happy to collapse on top of my feet, ensuring I could go nowhere without him!  I do so adore this mutt!

Sunrise in winter is quite late and as I’m an early riser, I was able to keep watch from my bedroom window, and wasn’t disappointed! The scenes were reminiscent of African bush sunrises!

Once my assignment in the Wiltshire countryside ended, my next destination was back to The Lake District, again to a regular client, and to an area with loads of walking space. Sadly though, no four-legged companion!


The bird feeder is kept full in winter and a surprise visit from a Cardinal woodpecker caught me unawares and with only my cell phone camera in hand, so bad photos through the kitchen window had to suffice.

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2 responses to “Back to work, back to reality, and four legged friends!”

  1. Pauline says:

    I really do love your four-legged friend. Makes me laugh just thinking of the antics he gets up to.
    Sunrises look awesome as well.

  2. Cheyrl Wilkinson says:

    Happy New Year to you Sue, wishing you all the best for another adventurous New Year ahead of you, can’t wait for all your new blogs! Lovely sunrise pics! Take care x x

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