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Of all the places in the world that I am happiest, in the wild has got to rate number one on my list. In fact why I never went into game ranging as a career is still unfathomable to me! There may be no money in it, but hell I’d be in my element!!!

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So, second best is heading into the bush at every opportunity I get; and now

I have to make the most of it as it may be some time before I get to go back to basics again!

Mabalingwe has all the comforts of home, plus a few additional “not-so-gnomish” looking garden creatures, and although nowhere near the size of Kruger National Park, also boasts the big 5 – finding them is however another story, but driving around scouring the treetops and ground scrub is half the fun of being in the bush!

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                               Sitting on the patio at night, sundowners in hand, soaking up the warmth

                               of a typical African evening, the sun sinking gently behind rolling hills,

                               listening to the call of an African Fish Eagle as it soars overhead ….

                               perfection is the word that comes to mind!


                               In the distance the hoot of an owl and the haunting cry of a jackal.

                               Africa, I will miss your heartbeat & soul.

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