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The original Dumbleton Hall can be traced from around 1534, as the home of the Cocks family for over 200 years. After the death of Sir Richard Cocks in the late 18th century, the Hall fell into disrepair and was eventually demolished. From 1550 to 1830 the grounds were used as a deer park.

The garden would have been laid out after the creation of the Hall in the 1830’s. The lake below the Hall, did not exist in 1883, however the pools feeding the lake had been built by then. There was a boathouse in 1923, but there was no sign of it when we visited.

Rebuilt in the mid-19th century using Cotswold stone, Dumbleton Hall

became home to the Eyres family and in the 1930s, and was well known for its popular house parties

with regular guests including John Betjeman, later to become Poet Laureate. 

During the Second World

War, the Hall was allegedly

considered as a suitable

alternative venue for the

House of Lords.

It is also suggested that Hitler ‘reserved’ the Hall as a private residence upon his victory in Europe. Little did he know, the British don’t give up too easily!


In 1959, the Hall was sold to The Post Office Fellowship of Remembrance for use as a convalescent and holiday home; and now operates as a 34 bedroom hotel. 

The massive grounds and adjoining fields are perfect for walking energetic dogs!


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2 responses to “Another old time beauty”

  1. Pauline Smith says:

    LOL – the boathouse was covered by the Trees…..

  2. Cheryl Wilkinson says:

    Poor dogs in JOburg never get walks like this beautiful place!

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