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East Grinstead, meaning ‘green place’ began as a Saxon village, and in the 13th century it became a town. To us Medieval East Grinstead would seem tiny as it only had a population of a few hundred, but it prospered due to being on the main road from London to Lewes (the county town of Sussex). In those days travel was very slow and anyone travelling from London to or from Lewes was likely to stay overnight at East Grinstead, boosting the business of the town.

I thought this sign above the bicycle, made to look like an historic sign, was quite amusing!

Christmas decor where ever you looked!

There has been a church on the same site in East Grinstead since the 11th century. Amazingly there have only been 63 vicars at this church from the year 1220 – 1993!

Close to the main are three large slabs put down early this century over the supposed remains of three people that were burnt to death in the town for their Protestant faith in 1556. Other legends have it that these were the last three people in the United Kingdom to be burnt at the stake for practicing witch craft.

The High Street contains one of the longest continuous runs of still inhabited 14th-century timber-framed buildings in England.

Sackville College, built in 1609, was where the Christmas carol “Good King Wenceslas” was written by John Mason Neale. Truly a stunning area to go walkabout!!


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4 responses to “And yet more historical delights…..”

  1. Chez says:

    So much to take in and you are taking every second, every minute, every hour of the days as well as training good on you! Take care x x

  2. Ursula Evans says:

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful pics and the history

  3. paul says:

    The Vicars only served on average 12.27 years each. Must be a very stressful job?

  4. Cindy says:

    East Grinstead is one of my favourite town in England. The history is phenomenal. While at the church did you find out about the ‘Guinea Pigs’ I told you about? The Bluebell Railway runs from here too, best time to go is May when the bluebells are in bloom.

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