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Saying Farewell


Before beginning my new adventure, there were farewells to be said, to family & friends living near and far. Cape Town is my first stop, to see my father, daughter, two sisters and their respective families and if time permits, a couple of friends as well. If not, well I guess I’ll just have to come back at some stage.

Thursday 22 October

I elected to drive down on my own, and took to the road on the day after my 57th birthday. A fitting gift to myself….…two days of me time. My oldest daughter & her two kids flew down and we’ll meet up there.

Armed with a box full of CD’s dating back to the 60’s & 70’s, I left JHB at 6.30am heading for Colesburg, which is where I generally stop over when heading south. Arriving in time for lunch, I decided to tackle the next three hours to Beaufort West, rather than waste the afternoon & arrived just before sunset. I tucked into a quaint little guesthouse on the outskirts of town for the night.


Friday 23 October

Bright and early the next morning, I was out the door and on the road again, heading for that mountain and the golden beaches that surround it. Stopping a few times along the road, for refreshments or photos, as the need or opportunity arose, I arrived in Noordhoek in the early afternoon.


The beach and sunset were calling……

Saturday 24 October

A family braai in the afternoon followed by a trip down memory lane watching slides from my growing years brought back many poignant memories. Seeing photos of my beautiful mother again, taken from us at the prime of her life, made me realise just how unexpected life can be, and has given me even more resolve to take to the road. My elder sister & I are now both older than our mom ever got the chance to be, and our combined wanderlust is sure to take us to some interesting places!



Monday 25 October

Blessed with the best weather the Cape could offer, we had long, sun filled days on soft sandy beaches, walked in the Helderberg Reserve, took a trip around the peninsula on a hop-on-hop-off bus, visited the aquarium & Kalk Bay harbour, camped out for one balmy, windless, moonlit night; falling asleep to the sound of waves thundering against rocks where in the morning, 2 happy children had miles of golden beach to themselves, although the lack of shark nets made swimming impossible. All in all, a wonderful week in the beautiful Cape.

A few days with my daughter, a few more with one of my younger sisters & her husband, and suddenly, our time was up. Home – and the thought of a familiar bed – was calling! My daughter & grandchildren are driving the long road back home with me and I’m looking forward to showing them the stunning wide open vistas that the land of my birth displays so proudly.

I have to admit, leaving this country will not be easy……..but I will be back!


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