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My sister, Cindy Eve has a blog site called 3 Days in London http://3daysinlondon.info/ and if ever you want to know anything at all about London, she is the one to ask! She has strolled the streets of London countless times, knows almost every nook and cranny there is to know – some tourist attractions and others totally off the beaten track.


Once I had finished the Santa in the City race, we went walkabout again, all over the place.

So many sights to see; so much information to absorb.

Enjoy the photos as I really cannot recall all the sights I saw.

IMG_4553 LR exp brush citw (1 of 1)

Stopping at some fountains, we watched a little one playing between the sprays of water – and what fun she was having too!

IMG_4563 B&W
IMG_4570 LR (1 of 1)
IMG_4572 LR (1 of 1)
IMG_4497 LR sh adj (1 of 1)
IMG_4500 LR sh adj (1 of 1) crop
IMG_4522 LR (1 of 1)

I was fascinated to see how deep underground we actually were at the Tower Bridge tube station!

The church over the road from where this Merc was parked made for a very interesting reflection

The late Queen Mum – portrayed so well in these brass sculptures

We walked past the memorial to the airmen who perished during the war and along the

mall to Buckingham Palace.


Every building had a name and a story, and Cindy knew them all!

Then it was back to Trafalgar Square again.


I went in search of a pub, while my sister waited patiently for the blessing of the crib – a nativity scene set up in Trafalgar Square. An interesting walkabout for sure! So much to see, so little time!



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2 responses to “A few hours with 3 Days in London!”

  1. paul says:

    London town is certainly steeped in history?

  2. Chez says:

    Love reading your blogs take care thank you x x

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