"In the end, it's not the years in your life that count, it's the life in your years." - Abraham Lincoln

Rekindling old friendships #4 – Charles Fort

Posted on November 29, 2017 by Sioux under General

  Charles Fort (Dún Chathail), a star-fort was completed in 1682, and was sometimes referred to as the “new fort” – in contrast with James’ Fort (the “old fort”) which had been built on the other side of Kinsale harbour before 1607. An underwater chain was strung between Charles and James forts across the harbour mouth during times of war to […]

Rekindling old friendships #3 – Desmond; James and Fred-Elbow.

Posted on November 26, 2017 by Sioux under General

  By morning the weather had cleared up wonderfully, so we planned a ‘walkabout in Kinsale’ day. My tour guide was a chap known to me as Fred-Elbow, who is also the father (and father-in-law) of the friends I was staying with. A long story as to how that name came to be, but ironically, […]

Rekindling old friendships #2 – cross county road trip.

Posted on November 23, 2017 by Sioux under General

  My 1st full day in Cork was a trip across the county. We left home relatively early as we had a fairly long drive to what’s known as ‘The Sheeps Head’, where the views are apparently magnificent. With dark grey skies hovering overhead, none of us held out much hope         […]

Rekindling old friendships #1 – flying in.

Posted on November 20, 2017 by Sioux under General

  A friend from SA emigrated to Ireland, and with me having a few days in between jobs, I took her up on the offer of a visit. Her, her hubby & her dad live in Kinsale, a town on the southern coast of Ireland, in County Cork. There is a large yachting marina and […]

Rekindling old friendships

Posted on November 17, 2017 by Sioux under Green Door

  What a fab reason to visit Ireland – a good friend from SA had relocated, so off I went during one of my in-between-assignment-breaks.   A lovely little 2 bedroom apartment in Kinsale was to be my home-from-home for the 4 days I was there. Loads of fun seeing pastures new and lots of […]

Rekindling old friendships, visiting another country!

Posted on November 14, 2017 by Sioux under Upcoming Trips

    Old friends, new explorations! A good friend from SA had relocated to Kinsale in Ireland – a country I hadn’t visited yet. I didn’t need more than a few seconds to take up her offer of a visit! Although I only had a few days, I intended making the most of it! Very […]

Return visits, fun at work

Posted on November 11, 2017 by Sioux under General

  Returning to another regular client, I discovered there were now a number of birds visiting the bird feeder. I didn’t see much of the resident hedgehogs though, or the red squirrels. Perhaps they were too busy foraging and storing food for their winter hibernation! I wish I could hibernate through the cold months! I […]

Back to work at my home from home

Posted on November 8, 2017 by Sioux under General

  Back at a regular client, with a very secluded little garden, I decided to attempt start trails again, and waited patiently for a clear, cloud and rain free moonless night. I wanted to take multiple images and stack them to get the desired result. Practice makes perfect! A way to go still, but I’ll […]

Travel time – new spaces, friendly faces – the final

Posted on November 5, 2017 by Sioux under General

  My last day in Chelmsford, was spent chilling in the garden for a while, and then a visit to the local parish, St Michaels & All Angels Church in Galleywood.                        The total height of the Tower and Spire is almost 40m and situated as […]

Travel time – new spaces, friendly faces #7 – The city of knowledge

Posted on November 2, 2017 by Sioux under General

  As I wanted to visit the Kings College Chapel, and we were close enough, we did a day trip to Cambridge, a university city on the River Cam, approximately 80km north of London. A very popular tourist destination, the city is also full of students attending the various colleges. Cambridge has 31 colleges in total, and the colleges […]