"In the end, it's not the years in your life that count, it's the life in your years." - Abraham Lincoln

A strong person

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Friends, birthdays and football

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  A close friend in Liverpool is having a birthday so I arranged to get work on Merseyside and then spend some time with him and his family.   While here we have arranged to watch a game at Anfield, which will certainly be the highlight of my trip! Let’s hope the Redmen make us […]

Just for a while then

Posted on January 22, 2016 by Sioux under Green Door

  A lovely home in Formby will be my home for the next week while I assist with a 2-carer job. Apparently one of my yesteryear football heroes, Kenny Dalglish, lives in this area too. Wonder if I’ll bump into him at the supermarket – wishful thinking.   A lovey semi-detached home in an upmarket […]

Scotland the brave and the interesting!

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  Once I had explored as much of the castle as I could, I headed across town to Calton Hill, where the Old City Observatory stands, along with the Nelson Monument and the National Monument.   The Observatory was designed in 1818 and the first Astronomer Royal to work in this building was Professor Thomas […]

Och aye laddie……

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  Walking around inside the castle, you can hear the sounds of bagpipes being played, but no ways could I find the piper!!   Who ever was living in and guarding the castle in days gone by certainly had a commanding view of the entire city! The views from the top of the castle walls […]

Reflections after the rain

Posted on January 16, 2016 by Sioux under General

  It’s fabulous to be able to walk safely around the center of the city, especially with my camera in plain sight!   Walking home in light rainfall after my walkabout in Newcastle, the reflections on the sidewalks were too much to resist. Once the rain got too heavy though, I had to pack the […]

So old, so beautiful

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  St Andrews Parish Church.   The first mention of this church in Newcastle’s history is dated 1218. In the 1644 siege of Newcastle St Andrews was so badly damaged, that no service was performed there for a year afterwards. Apparently “a breach was made in the wall near to the church capable of admitting ten […]

900 years of tradition

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  St. Nicholas Cathedral.   An immense structure, located in the heart of the city. Combined with the Castle, it makes up an integral part of the core of Newcastle’s medieval history. A worship and prayer session has been held in this church every day for the last 900 years!   Most of the Cathedral […]

Exploring the old town

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  Using the map of the town my host had kindly supplied, I headed out. Making my way across the Swing Bridge, I walked first to what is known as Old Newcastle, to see the original town gate and keep. I found a stairway leading up the hill, nearby the station, and landed up saving myself […]

You’ll never walk alone

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  And so, after 9 years, Anfield here I come again!   One of my best friends is a Liverpudlian and time in Liverpool with him and his family is a must do, and of course a game to be watched aswell as a visit to my teams’ homeground and hopefully get some autographs.   […]